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    BBMA explains the view points, needs and interests of the various professional sectors, forming as a whole the business community in Bahrain
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    BBMA is a private, independent, and non-profitable organization
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19th Monthly Meeting

Date : Monday, 1st November, 2004
Venue : Sheraton Hotel, Iwan Room

The 19th Monthly Meeting was held on 1st November 2004 at the Sheraton Hotel, Iwan Room. The meeting was devoted to discussion by senior officers of the Mackenzie Company, the concerned committee at Economic Development Board and the committee formed by the Association to discuss the Mackenzie’s plan for the Restructuring of the Labour Market. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mohammed Al Khatib. Questions and enquiries by the community on the significant effects that the restructuring of the labour market will have on the Bahrain society as a whole and on the economic community in particular, were discussed. The significance of this meeting was reflected in the large number of people who attend the meeting and took part in the discussions which benefited all the participants.

The meeting was sponsored by Bahrain National Gas Company (BANAGAS).