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The Association's Objectives

The Association seeks to create and maintain a business climate that will enable the private sector to play a harmonizing role and stimulate its members and Bahraini businesses to carry out the economic and social functions that will help serve the interests of the private sector through carrying out the following:-

  • To explain the view points, needs and interests of the various professional sectors, forming as a whole the business community in Bahrain.
  • To crystallize and coordinate the various view points within the private sector.
  • To conduct macro economic specialized feasibility studies for the purpose of providing the Association's members with knowledge and information related to the effect of governmental policies on the private sector activities.
  • To conduct economic and social studies on the public and private conditions and their reflections on the businessmen and other sectors.
  • To prepare memos and working papers to be submitted to the government periodically; including the businessmen view points on the development policies being adopted and implemented by the government.
  • To participate in rendering technical assistance, and developing appropriate training programmes for the Association's members for the aim of improving their working environment and raising the standard of their performance.
  • To carry out directly, or through a specialized consultative body, field surveys for data collection and to get acquainted with the view points on issue of interests to the businessmen in Bahrain.
  • To encourage the establishment of new public utility organizations and companies capable of rendering economic and social services (joint stock companies, consumer protection organizations …etc.)
  • To cooperate with competent bodies in establishing a Bahraini center for business development for the service of investors in Bahrain, and supervise its operation.
  • To act as representative for the businessmen in Bahrain when dealing with counterpart foreign organizations.
  • To activate the private sector's role in Bahrain, and emphasize its importance in terms of cooperation and coordination with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other private sector organizations.
  • To organize local and external seminars for the discussion of the economic affairs related to the activities of the private sector and national economy.


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April, 2024

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