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Chinese Delegation’s Visit To Bahrain (28-9-2004)

The Chinese-Arab Friendship Association’s delegation concluded its five-day visit to Bahrain on 2-10-2004. BBMA which played a host to the delegation sought to achieve the maximum possible gains from the Chinese delegation’s visit which continued from 25-9-2004 to 2-10-2004. A busy schedule full of events and activities was planned for the delegation including a meeting with senior decision makers including a meeting with His Highness the Prime Minister.

On Tuesday evening 28-9-2004, the BAA’s Chairman, Board of Directors’ members together who visited china last year and His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador in the Kingdom received the Chinese delegation at Bahrain International Airport.

Wednesday 29-9-2004 was a busy day for the delegation and included meeting with senior government officials in the kingdom. In the morning they met with the Prime minister His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa during which a number of economic issues of mutual interest were discussed such as setting up major companies in partnership between the two countries. The delegation also visited His Excellency the minister for industry, His Excellency the commerce Minister and the Council of Representatives to discuss issues that promote the country economically. The meeting were followed by a presentation by the Ministry fot Industry followed by a luncheon hosted at the Crown Plaza Hotel by His Excellency the Minister for Industry. The head of the delegation, Chairman of the Chinese-Arab Friendship Association Mr. Taimour Dawamati praised the arrangements made for visiting the senior government officials headed by His Highness the prime Minister. On Wednesday evening the delegation was in invited to a banquet hosted by His Excellency the Commerce Minister which was attended by a number of ministers, BBMA’s Board of Directors and a number of prominent figures.

On Thursday morning 30.9.2004 an open meeting was held between the Bahraini and Chinese sides chaired by BBMA chairman Mr. Khalid Al Moayyed and the head of the delegation Mr. Taimour Dawamati during which BBMA members had the opportunity to meet with their Chinese counterparts for exchanging views and coordinating mutual investments. The meeting was followed by a luncheon hosted by the BBMA.

In the evening, His Excellency the speaker of the Council of Representatives hosted a banquet for the visiting Chinese delegation, which was also attended by BBMA members and a number of parliamentary representatives. The head of the delegation Mr. Taimour Dawamati praised the warm hospitality of the hosts.

On Friday morning, the delegation paid a visit to the Bahrain sinancial Harbour where a film showing detailed description of the Harbour was shown followed by a question and answers session to answer the questions of the delegation members. The Delegation then headed to King Fahad causeway. The delegation then visited Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company ( ASRY) where a documentary film depicting the Company’s history and methods of shipbuilding and repair of ships was shown. The delegation visited the company’s workshops after which they were invited to a luncheon at the company’s premises.

On Friday evening, his excellency the Chinese Ambassador hosted a banquet for the delegation members.

The delegation left the kingdom on Saturday morning 2.10.2004 and thanked the chairman and members of BAA and Mr. Khalid Al Moyyed for their hospitality and good organization of the visit’s programme and invited BBMA to send a Bahrain delegation to visit the People’s Republic of China.